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Bryce Canyon, Utah

The end of a beautiful day


Yet another place to just stand and say "wow".  The hoodoos are terrific! They are formed naturally by the different types of rock in the columns wearing away leaving a tall column with a hard hat protecting it! Some are very amusing. Some look like people waiting for a bus, others are named for a sinking ship, famous people and others.  Use your imagination and find all kinds of things to see!   The colors of the rocks were oranges and reds and grays, lots of variations everywhere!

I met Daniel from Sydney, we kept meeting up at the viewpoints and exchanging photo tips! Hi Daniel! Hope the rest of your trip goes great!

I ran into a snow storm in the higher elevations of the park, it snowed this morning at the hotel too, made for very nice photos. You can see the snow showers in one of the photos. I enjoyed it. It didn't stick around and the roads stayed clear.  My kind of snow! It was very chilly all day, the park is up above 8000 feet above sea level.  the air is very clear, the wind finally stopped trying to knock everyone off the edge of the cliffs!

I think this about does it for my tour of giant rocks and big trees.  I head for Salt Lake City tomorrow and then on towards home. I'm a little tired of sightseeing and moving from hotel to hotel.  I probably won't do any traveling for a little while, at least big trips.  Maybe some small, short ones.....  time to get back to Olympia and start my new life.

Keep checking! You never know where I'll be next!!