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                          The British Isles  -  Ireland    Scotland     





                                                              Buckingham Palace




                                                                                                 Windsor Castle


          The gargoyles watch over the queen                           The changing of "the" Guard (just one!)


       The Queen's apartments at Windsor                               A little crooked shop on the street


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          Tower Bridge                                                          Tower of London






                                              Stonehenge (of course!)


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    Dublin Pub                                                





                                                  Dunluce Castle, Belfast






                                                                    Giants Causeway






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                 Starting with Invergordon


Inverary Castle



          The village of Luss


My photo expedition to the highlands, not quite the big tour bus!


a couple of stone fences in the highlands.  There is not much wood for fences, but there is lots of rocks around!


                        Scottish thistle                               just a really  pretty beach near Invergordon


                   no entrance here!                                    It's a hairy coo! Cows are shaggy here!!!



        Urqhart Castle ruins on Loch Ness, no monsters in sight!


    Window to the Loch                                         Stairway to nowhere!


  used to be the corner wall of the castle                         either the dog house or guard house!


  This nessie was at the gas station near the castle!            No Nessie's in the water here!!!



    A beautiful Scottish garden near the castle           Edinborough Castle at the top of the hill!


                                             Leaving Edinborough and heading home


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