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My trip started in Florence, and ended in Siena

With side trips to San Gimignano, Colle Val d'Esla

and the winery at Il Paradiso Di Frassina in Montalcino.

We even had a shoot with models!

 A great Trip!






Scooters zipped all over town, best things for all the narrow streets! Every inch is used!


              Gelateria, every town has many gelato shops

The Duomo dome can be seen from everywhere, the square in front is a marketplace.


Incredible mask shop, just stumbled across it, his apprentice is from California! Small world!




                 Eating on an angle!!


The tower at the Campo near sunset               Shop window selling glassware


 Fresh oranges anyone? How about a wine list?             Something for everyone!


     Street performer in Siena                                          Beautiful doorways everywhere!


              a quiet afternoon meal                          time to clean it up!

        looking into the Piazza del Campo, huge open town square, everyone gathered there

 Laundry was hung out to dry all over town, these little socks were too cute to ignore!

          I loved the book left on the sill, the reflection in the glass was cool too!


Just sitting around on a Sunday afternoon with the dog!    These three ladies were wonderful, they posed for several of us!


San Gimignano



                Moon rise in Tuscany                                        More laundry!


      Hey dog! watcha doing?                                   Not sure what she said, but I wouldn't get in her way!!!


     Artist at work!  Several people were drawing in every square we found.


   A very nice couple from Antwerp, Belgium                     Nils had a very long day

 Beautiful glass on sale.

    This is what happens to David when he lets it all go!!


Shooting Models









Il Paradiso Di Frassina Winery 





Colle Val d'Esla





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