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Page, Arizona and Lake Powell too

Horseshoe Bend

trying for the perfect shot!

Castle Rock

houseboat heaven!


Glen Canyon Dam



just pull up anywhere for lunch


Page, Arizona was a little unexpected! I thought it would be just an overnight stay on the way to Bryce Canyon, but I found a tour to take and I had to wait until the next day so today I drove around lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam.  It's a beautiful place, blue water and blue sky!  the picture of the dam with the high water shows a white line around the lake, in 1983 there was a lot of flooding and that's how high the water got!  there is a line just like it around Lake Mead, a little further down the river.  Looks like the mode of preferred travel is by houseboat, there were just a few of them at the marina, that would be fun to try someday. 

The first picture is called Horseshoe Bend, it was recommended to go see, of course they never tell you how hard it is to get there.  They couldn't build the road next to the mountain and have the walkway around it, no, they put the parking lot on one side of the hill so you had to hike up over it and down the other side to get to the outlook. 3/4 mile each way either up or down, no level ground anywhere!!  But it was worth it I think.  The shot is great!

My odometer has now hit 2500 miles for the trip! I'm headed in the direction of home now. 

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Antelope Canyon



Antelope Canyon is right outside Page, Arizona. Very easy to get to.  Although you have to have a Navaho guide to take you there.  it is not open access.  It used to be but they shut it down because kids were using it to party, and graffitti covered the walls in the back.  Now, there is no more damage and everything is kept very clean. The best shot is when the sun comes down through one of the openings in the canyon and there's a beam of light in the middle of the path.  Unfortunately, the sun decided to take a vacation.  So, no sunbeam. It was still very nice as you can see from the shots above.  Incredible to walk through so much age! The floor of the canyon is always changing, the sand gets brought in by wind and rain and the height of the floor is never the same.  During the last flooding time the water was all the way up to the top of the canyon.  


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