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Sedona, Arizona   

Tour guide David, he was great!

the Pink Jeep Tour bus!

There were just a few of them!

pictographs  - shield and big strong scary guy!

how about this for a lunch view!

these are definitely red rocks

    a little rocky, but a great path!


Sedona is very pretty, down in the valley, it's hidden from everywhere around it.  When you drive down the main highway to/from Phoenix you can't even see it.  The road down to Sedona follows the mountain side (once again, mountain driving!).

Lots of little shops in the tourist part of town.  Even McDonalds has conformed, it's in a sandstone building with green arches!  The red rock peaks around the town are impressive, everywhere you look there is another photo waiting to be taken! 

I took a tour on the Pink Jeep Tours out to Honanki ruins. As you can see from the pictures, we were right up there next to the rocks. There were pictographs on some of the cliff walls that are amazing.  They are over 600 years old and you can still see them clearly. Our guide David was great, very informative. 

 It's truly beautiful country.  I sat out on the deck and had lunch with such a great view to look at I could have taken at lot longer to eat!

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Hoover Dam, Nevada

It took forever to get across the dam.  they are building a new highway that will bypass the dam itself. 

You can see the solid line of cars on the dam itself.  

They don't give tours anymore, national security thing.


Montezuma's Castle, Arizona


The castle in the cliffs were built by the Sinagua Indians over 600 years ago, its amazing how much is still there. 

Up until 1951 tourists were allowed to climb ladders and go into the ruins themselves.  I can see why that stopped.  The ruins are so high it would take a lot of climbing to get up there! Not something I wanted to do.  I imagine a lot of damage was done by people wandering around also. 

The diorama showed what the inside of the buildings probably looked like. 

It was a very busy community.  In the 1400's the cliff was abandoned, they don't really know why.


Montezuma's Well, Arizona

The small lake is called a well.  Here is the link to the park service site that tells a lot more about it than I could! 

There were a couple buildings in the cliff walls, you can see them near the top of the cliff.


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