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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Roosevelt Arch, North Entrance to Yellowstone Park


The obligatory park sign shot!

Yes, of course, Old Faithful blows it's top again

I thought this was a nice frame for the geyser

Lots of people just sat and waited for the geyser

oooh! aaah!

Looking up into the Old Faithful Inn. It's all wood inside.

the stone fireplace is huge!  it sits in the middle of the lobby.

We made it to the top of the divide, proof positive!

Had to go to the Grand Canyon!

Lower Falls

cool rock formation, that's all

another canyon shot looking the other way

On to the wildlife portion of our trip!

the little ones were very cute!

the big ones were molting, didn't look so good!

the people taking shots were funnier than the animals!

Mammoth Hot Springs

Keppler Cascades

there is a sign on the log facing away from the trail......

too bad you had to leave the walkway to read the sign....

This is called Spasm Geyser. No explanation given....

Castle Geyser near Old Faithful, much nicer and lasted longer!

Steamboat geyser, only goes off once in every few years! It didn't go off today...

some of the trees were a little twisted!

The colors were incredible!

Veins of bacteria near hot pools


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