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Grand Canyon, Arizona



hazy day outlines

Pass who?

they were serious about this! see the next shot!

this canyon is near the big one but almost more impressive by itself!

just drops off the desert floor

Lumaki ruins

more pueblo ruins



The Grand Canyon was so windy that you had to be careful to stay clear of  the edges of the canyon so you wouldn't be blown in!  there were very few railings, most of the time you could just walk right up the to edge and look straight down - a long way down!  I drove up from Flagstaff in the morning and had a long lunch at Canyon Village before starting out of the park. I was a great day, I stopped at the Lumaki ruins before going into the park, the three pueblos were out in the middle of nowhere, it's truly amazing who much of them are still standing.  The no passing sign was out of the way to those ruins, I just had to take a shot, who was I supposed to not pass? There were lots of tumbleweeds blowing through, maybe that's what I should watch for.  The bottom row was a stop on the way into the park too, just a scenic outlook that dropped straight off the desert floor with no warning! Incredible.  Once again, no rails or safety checks anywhere. You are totally on your own out here.

I didn't see the glass bridge over the canyon, it is not in the park itself, you have to go quite a bit further and onto Indian land so I just forgot about it.  Not that I would have gone out there anyway!!!

There were lots of booths set up along the roadsides with Navaho arts and crafts, lots of jewelry and some pottery. I did cave in and buy a couple pieces.  Nice stuff.  The gift shop inside the Park had big signs to let you know that the stuff they had was not made by native artists. In fact they were made in China! I didn't buy any of that stuff......

I was going to stay for sunset but the wind was blowing so hard that there was a haze in the canyon and visibility was getting really bad so I left.  Drove up to Page, near the Utah border. 

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