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Sequoia National Park, California


Found the snow!

Hume Lake

General Grant Tree


Sequoia and Kings Canyon Parks are right next to each other, you enter through one and exit through the other.  Most of the roads in Kings Canyon were still closed due to snow so I didn't get far.  I pretty much just drove through, stopping at a few big tall trees.  I met a nice couple from Scottsdale, Hi to Kris and Chuck! Hope you made it home okay! We kept stopping to take pictures at the same places! Of course when there is only one road that's not a hard thing to do!

The big Sequoia trees were incredible! The color was beautiful too.  I loved seeing the orange trees, the bark is two feet thick on the big trees. It saves them when there is a fire in the forest.  Most of the trees in the park seemed to have some kind of fire damage.  They do have controlled fires in the park to allow new growth to get a start. the trees are so tall not much sun makes it down to the ground in places.

On the way out I took a side trip to Hume Lake, the sign said it was only 10 miles. I forgot that those ten miles were on roads where the top speed is 20 miles an hour.  It took forever to get there, more mountain driving hugging the sides of the hills.  The lake was very pretty, not sure it was worth the drive though.  It turns out the road was a loop so I continued out the other side - it was shorter - only 5 miles.......  By the time I started toward the exit of the park I just wanted out!!! The twisting roads were getting really old.  All I wanted was a straight stretch to coast down.  Unfortunately there was road construction on the way out, down to one lane for a little over a mile.  We were down to a one lane road on the side of the mountain with big road equipment hanging off the side. A little unnerving at times! thank goodness it was only a mile! 

I made it into Bakersfield that night.  Why do people want to live in Fresno and Bakersfield?  Flat, brown, crowded. Not much there that I could see in the good category!!  I was happy to take off to Vegas the next day.


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