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Yosemite National Park, California

the view coming into the park

El Capitan


Rainbow Falls

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Second Day of shooting! The clouds went away!


El Capitan, Half Dome, and Rainbow Falls

future Park Ranger!



pack 'em in and control the crowds!

Top of Yosemite Falls

bottom of Yosemite Falls

I stayed at a hotel outside the park, it took a lot of time driving back and forth. The roads all follow the mountain around and around.  I was always happy to get out of the park!!!  It wasn't very crowded yet, the summer crowds will be here soon. I didn't have any problems finding parking or seeing the views. Great! The first day I just drove through the park to get to the hotel on the other side, I had to stop and take a few shots, they are the ones at the top with the clouds.  the next day the clouds cleared away and the blue sky came out.  I like the shots with the clouds better!


El Capitan and Half Dome were incredible! There were so many times you just stand and go "Wow".  The scenery was breathtaking.  It took a long time to drive through the park, seems like everything is just "around the corner" and boy, were there lots of corners.  I don't think they took down a single tree or moved a rock when they put in the road.  It followed the side of the mountains, with hardly a stretch longer than 100 yards being straight! And of course the ever popular Winnebago is always in front of you! If you thought the Seward highway was bad.........

The waterfalls of Yosemite are so fantastic!!  Immense amounts of water coming over the edge of the cliff.  I couldn't get very close to them. Bridal Veil Falls are the tall ones back in the "fallen valley" and Yosemite Falls was a two part thing, it came over the top and then disappeared until the bottom showed up. There was a walkway back to the bottom of these, it was fun watching people try to get pictures of their family and the falls behind them and try to figure out how to get both in the same shot!  Very amusing at times.  People watching is great here,  everyone is on vacation so they aren't paying attention to anything but getting that perfect shot!  

Lots of rivers and streams everywhere to stop and take pictures of!  I never worried much about getting a slow car in front of me cause I kept stopping to take shots!  

I stopped to read a sign and found these deer wandering through!  The lizard was sunning himself by one of the busiest pull outs in the park.  Guess he wanted his picture taken!  The squirrels were much more annoying.  Every time I tried to get a shot the darned thing would sit very nicely posed while I changed my camera lens and then take off as soon as I was ready to point and click. Oh well. Just imagine a cute squirrel sitting on a branch snacking on a nut and you'll see the shot I missed!  The little girl was very cute, quietly playing while the adults decided which way to go next.  The big green bus is the park's way of packing in the people and taking them around the park.  It was very funny to see them looking only in the directions the ranger wanted them to and reminded me of the tour bus in Scotland.  Everyone being herded around........ 

Just a few last shots.  There were actually a lot more, the first day I drove through the park I took lots of pictures then when I got to the hotel room, I put the memory card into the reader and it got stuck.  The battery is dead in the reader so now I can't get the dang card out without charging the battery which of course is the only charger I am missing.....   I'm hoping to find one in Fresno or Vegas!  I found a nice guy in Fresno! Turns out that I had put the card in the reader backwards and jammed it in.  he pulled out the pliers and (making sure he had my permission) he pulled it out.  We put it in the right way and I could still read the card!  Yeah!! I'll put those shots in soon.  You can tell them because they have clouds in the shots instead of bright blue sky!!


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