Celebrate Retirement Tanzanian style

Always a couple of weeks behind on my blog I will need to start with Dr. Ivan, who started at FAME in the very beginning.  To celebrate his retirement in style and honor his part in the growth of FAME was a serious venture.  Dressed in our finest, we arrived at the designated venue at the precise time, or apparently one hour early in Tanzanian party time.   I am quickly learning how unfashionable it is to be punctual.   

Although the guests had not arrived, the blaring dance music was right on time.   The place was decorated for a royal wedding with even the chairs decked out and a high platform, bejeweled with lights, for Ivan and his wife.

Royally cool!

As the guests, and finally the guests of honor arrived, it was clear we had somehow moved to a place of great celebration. 

Ivan and his wife dancing in to their place of honor!

Dressed in their finest and out of uniform my friends were a kaleidoscope of personalities. Drinks in hand the speeches commenced, all without the cloak of brevity, they honored this great man for his work. 

The doctors gift. Ann in front in blue.

No celebration would be complete without Ivan and his wife cutting the cake and feeding it to select party goers who danced to earn their cake.  Dr. Ann grabbed me.  We have a history of going out to shake our bottoms at local establishments, so I knew it was my turn to dance for my desert.  

Next it was gifts from all hospital departments.  And, you guessed it, the gifts were danced to the royal couple.  Several hours in we had all earned the feast prepared by Sam, our hospital chef, and his amazing staff.


More gifts……

Heading home I was glad that Dr. G and I had decided, mid-party, to cancel our 7:30 AM session with the Doctors.  It was a quiet time at the hospital on Friday, except for the new born babies who did not get the message!

Next a visit to the fabulous Ngorongoro Crater and a friend’s nearby boma!

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