Cows are everything…..worlds apart

Sandwiched between a robust first week of meetings and the upcoming “booked solid” week, we headed out for a bit of the two Tanzanias. We took an overnight at Isoitok a tented camp that allows a glimpse into the daily life of a Mahsi boma. In almost every way the boma is the simplist of living, where any developed world opionions about how to live and be happy must be set aside. We ended the weekend at Gibbs farm where the natural beauty of Africa marries western comforts for privilaged safarians. Fabulous food at both places.

My time in the boma was part wonder for the creativity and resilence and part heartbreak for the women. We started with the smiley care takers at Isoitok and medicine man, Ruben. After settling in our comfy bush tent Ruben took us on a medicine walk that ended at the top of “little Kilimanjaro”.

Ruben used his machete to make a tooth brush with tooth pick end. Hmmm good idea! We heard about trees that offered every remedy.

We hiked to the top of little Kilimanjaro with a stunning view of Lake Manyara. He then served cold wine and a tasty snack that appeared from his backpack. Finaly back to the camp for a delicious dinner and great wine!

The next morning Ruben made the journey with us to the boma in his shoes make from mortor bike tread. Comfortable and sturdy ……..
Ruben told us that the cow is everything in the Mashi community. It is used for meat, blood, beds, even a wedding dress and more. These cows were left in the boma pen because they are too weak to go for food. The lack of rain required a long walk to get the little grass available to eat so only the healthy made the journey.
But I learned it was the women who were everything. They build their house where they live with their children, cook, care for children and the young daughters – sadly – bring a dowery of cows to increase the herd for the boma.
The wives are also entrepreneurs who sell their wares.
They were very willing models that allowed me the opportunity to capture the beautiful colors on my different settings!
And then on to a late lunch, a few miles away, at Gibbs – the other Africa. An interesting weekend to be sure.

Next post I will bring you up to speed on our work at the hospital. Really good stuff…………….

6 thoughts on “Cows are everything…..worlds apart”

  1. Such a wonder Africa ! Thanks for sharing ! My time in Kenya 40 years ago was filled with the very different worlds you speak of ! Miss that wonderful country ! Keep up the wonderful work you are doing and enjoy both worlds . Cathy sallas

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  2. You are doing such wonderful work and I envy your ambition and stamina for this work! You gotta love those Berthals!


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