Karatu Friday Market etc.

It’s Friday evening – yes a full week later. It’s seems less because my technolgoy skills are wanting and ,as always, first days here are like drinking from a fire hose. Welcomes come from everyone. Between hugs they laughingly correct my Swahili becuase they know it is likely to suck for as long as I return to FAME.

I am simply blown away by how much everyone has grown in their positions since my last time here. I’m uber proud of everyone! Yesterday we had a session with senior leadership to layout our goals for my 3 month stay. I am tempted to go into the weeds on this but we have 3 months of blogs to cover it and as we all know “best laid plans…..”.

And as I promised, we will return to last weeks Friday Market in Karatu, complete with ruling goats and our vaccine clinic. What can I say? Friday market is a perfect reintroduction into life in Karatu.

Preparing for shots which come with blood pressre checks.
Got it!
Public health at work in the clinic!
It was windy so Prosper solved an engineering problem without an engineer.
When I say goats rule, I mean it!
Did you think I was kidding?
A stroll through the maket and stop for a refreshing beverage wiith super nurse Kizito and best ever social worker Kitashu!
We were in charge of lunch for the group!


Selected a goat but found out KLM does not allow them under your seat😳
I played with the settings on my iPhone 13 and got this amazing photo of the wonderful Kitashu and the fabulous Prosper!

So I’ll head to bed with memories of the Friday Market and a fabulous week of kick off meetings at the most healing place I know. Tommorrow we head to an overnight in a Mashi boma. See you soon!

2 thoughts on “Karatu Friday Market etc.”

  1. What fun that you now have a blog! Your tech skills are rocketing. I’ve been through Karatu so I can visualize just “where in the world” you are. So sorry that you can’t bring that goat home with you – would be a good way to mow all the lawns on your street. Cheers! DA


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