Karatu Tanzania

I’m back at Foundation for African Medicine and Education (FAME) and it is wonderful being here with old friends where every inch of the enviroment heals! In case you missed it, below is a pre-covid entry on the FAME website. It should get you somewhat up to speed on my work here.


So where to begin…..one week ago, after my negative PCR test and on my 71st birthday, I boarded my first flight of a 26 hour journey to Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania. The KLM flight crews celebrated with me, forcing me to drink champagne and eat sweets at every turn, and sent me on my way with a KLM friendship bracelet. Friends forever💕

In Amsterdam airport I hooked up with my friend Anne, a nursing professor from Iowa…go Hawkeyes! We deplaned at Kili. Before customs, we took a rapid test and prayed that we would test negative or be forced to stay in a government designated hotel for 10 days. Now that would be a total bummer!!!

We were collected at the airport and did our first attempt to combat jet lag with our old friends at the Kia Lodge. YES SLEEP… but not before we ushered in January 6 with a final birthday glass of wine.

Final birthday drink with Neli.

After a good night sleep Hassan collected us for the 3.5 hour drive to Karatu. We dropped our luggage and took our first lap around FAME to greet old and new friends.

Nurse Anne

Ladies leaving maternity.

Warm welcome from Nurse Christopher.
Healing happens here!
I promise a video tour soon!

Friday, our first full day, we accompanied a team of FAME superstars to the Friday Karatu Market for a vaccine clinic. The word market is redfined by this robust experience where goats rule🤪

Come one and all, get your vaccine here!

More to come on the super duper Karatu Friday Market and vaccine clinic in my next post!

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